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Currently, recruitment for the IMPRS Doctoral Fellowships has ended.

To be notified of updates, please send an e-mail with subject header IMPRS Fellowships updates along with the following information:

Full name:
LinkedIn profile: 
if available, or link to another professional profile site
Most recent degree:
Issuing educational institution & location:
Intended start-date for a PhD position:
How did you learn about us?
Which researcher(s) are you most interested in?


Thank you.


Looking for ways to gain more hands-on research experience and boost your cv?
Check out available internships at any one of our departments.
Also, keep an eye out for other doctoral vacancies at our partner institutes.
Language-focused PhD projects at the Centre for Language Studies and Donders Institute may offer you the possibility to become part of the IMPRS. If in doubt, let us know which position you are considering to apply to.

Eager to expand your skill set and become a more competitive applicant?
The following course providers might be of interest to you: 
LEMMA • coursera • stanford • datacamp • edX
We are in no way affiliated with them nor do we make any endorsement of their services by virtue of providing these links.

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