MEDAL Workshop: Communicating Linguistics

10 January 2024 10:00 - 12:45
Max Planck Institute & online
How to engage the public with language science?
How to talk to people about linguistics?

In this two-part online workshop on Wednesday, 10th of January, with Sharon Unsworth and Marc van Oostendorp from Radboud University, you can learn how to communicate about your linguistic research with non-specialized audiences.

No previous experience with science communication is required to participate.

In the first part, we will take the question of what the key ingredients of good science communication and public engagement are with Sharon. She will give us a general introduction to science communication and give us some concrete tips for communicating with the general public.

In the second part, we will get some hands-on media training from Marc, who will play a science journalist and ask us all kinds of questions about our research projects. What kind of questions could you expect from a journalist? Fun ones, engaging ones, expected ones, but maybe also unexpected, difficult or even pesky ones? We will find out how to deal with all of them!


January 10th at 10:00 am CET 


This event that will take place over zoom only. You will get the zoom link after registration.


Before the workshop, think about your answer to the following question: What are key ingredients of good science communication?

If you want to actively participate in the second part, please also prepare a one-paragraph description of your research (or any research you would like to present to a wider audience), written for a non-specialized audience. 

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10:00-11:15 CET How to engage the public with (language) science? (Sharon Unsworth)
11:15-11:30 CET Coffee break
11:30-12:45 CET How to prepare for a media interview (Marc van Oostendorp)


About the instructors

Sharon Unsworth is Associate Professor at the Centre for Language Studies of Radboud University, Nijmegen, where she researches the language development of children growing up with two languages.

She is also a founding member and scientific director of the Kletskoppen Festival, a Dutch popular science festival about language acquisition. She also has her own podcast about language acquisition and multilingual children, Kletsheads.

Read more about her work here or listen to her podcast here.


Marc van Oostendorp is Professor of Dutch and Academic Communication at Radboud University.

He teaches both classes on theoretical and applied linguistics, as well as courses on writing articles aimed at general audiences. He is also the Editor-in-chief of the online magazine for Dutch Language and Linguistics, Neerlandistiek and writes for the magazine of the Dutch cultural and linguistic association Genootschap Onze Taal.

Learn more about his work here or check out his YouTube channel here.



This is a workshop organised by Methodological Excellence in Data-Driven Approaches to Linguistics (MEDAL) is an international consortium initiated by the University of Tartu in Estonia, in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics and Radboud University in the Netherlands and the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. Financed by the EU Horizon Europe programme (101079429) and UK Research and Innovation organisation (101079429). MEDAL’s mission is to build expertise in data-driven linguistics methodology among early-career researchers. Read more about MEDAL here.

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