Speech and Language Disorders: Lessons from Genetics

13 September 2024 09:30 - 17:00
Max Planck Institute
Auditorium 163
Complex communication through language (spoken, written or sign) is a trait that is unique to humans. While most children learn to speak and read fluently, there are several disorders in which these capacities are unexpectedly disrupted. Our DNA plays a large role in individual differences in communication abilities and in the development of speech and language disorders.

The aim of the symposium is to explore and discuss recent advances in language genetics with a diverse and multidisciplinary audience. It will bring together leading experts from an array of fields including genomics, clinical genetics, and speech/language therapy. The symposium focuses on a range of speech and language disorders, including stuttering, dyslexia, and childhood apraxia of speech, and aims to address two questions:

  • What can we learn about complex speech and language disorders from genome-wide screens?
  • What can rare DNA variants teach us about speech and language disorders?


Confirmed speakers are:


We strongly encourage all researchers, geneticists and speech therapists with an interest in speech and language disorders to register!

Click here to register. Registration is free of charge, and is open until July 31st.


Organizing committee and hosts:

Else Eising, Marscha Engelen, Marie-Christine Franken and Simon Fisher

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