Federica Bartolozzi defends thesis on 24 January

23 January 2023
Federica thesis cover
On Tuesday, 24 January 10:30 hrs, Federica Bartolozzi will defend her thesis 'Repetita Iuvant? Studies on the role of repetition priming as a supportive mechanism during conversation'. A limited number of guests is allowed in the Academiezaal. The event will also be accessible via live-stream.

Link to live-stream

During conversations, we sometimes start preparing an answer while the other person is still speaking. This means that conversations can be considered as a dual task. While doing two things at the same time may save us time, it usually comes at a cost, as the performance in one or both tasks may be impacted negatively. In this dissertation, Federica investigated whether linguistic dual-tasking, i.e., combining comprehension and production, has a negative effect on comprehension processes and whether repeating words that have occurred earlier in conversation can help interlocutors ease dual-tasking demands.

The research in this dissertation did not show any negative effects of linguistic dual-tasking on comprehension processes and showed that repetition priming can in principle support conversation, although other mechanisms may be more influential.


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