Julia Misersky will defend her thesis on Wednesday 29 June

27 June 2022
julia misersky
On Wednesday 29 June 2022, at 13.30 (CET), Julia Misersky will defend her thesis entitled ‘About Time: Exploring the Role of Grammatical Aspect in Event Cognition’. Due to the restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, and the corresponding limitations regarding number of guests allowed in the Academiezaal, the event will be accessible via live-stream. As with all defenses, it is a public event and everybody is welcome to join online.

Link to live-stream

From having a coffee at work to reading a book before bed – we experience a multitude of events on a daily basis. We can learn about events through language, and in our research, we have focused on time in language. Specifically, we studied grammatical aspect, which allows us to describe an event either as completed or ongoing. Such descriptions may affect how we think about, attend to, and memorise event features, such as objects.

Overall, this research results that language can guide event understanding and memory. People especially use the information carried by the verb (e.g., to chop) which captures the essence of what the event is about. The verb defines who is doing what to whom and this impacts how we understand events. The results regarding grammatical aspect are mixed: While aspect may have the potential to affect how we understand and memorise events, such effects do not necessarily arise at all times. 

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