MuZIEum workshop by Ezgi Mamus

16 March 2024
In the picture, you can see Ezgi Mamus standing to the right of a large digital screen displaying a presentation with the title "How do people describe the world without sight?". Ezgi , wearing a red sweater and black jeans, is gesturing with her hands as she speaks.
Ezgi Mamus has led a unique workshop “How do you describe the world without seeing?”.
Ezgi and Nina are engaged in a workshop. In the room, to the right, Nina is gesturing with her hands as if explaining something, wearing a black shirt and jeans, with long, straight auburn hair. To the left, Ezgi is listening, wearing a brown top and black jeans, with curly mid-length hair.


"How do you describe the world without sight?": Interactive Workshops at InScience Film Festival and Brain Awareness Week

Ezgi Mamus, a postdoctoral researcher from our department, gave a series of workshop at the MuZIEum in Nijmegen, as part of the InScience Film Festival and Brain Awareness Week on March 16 and 17, 2024. Participants engaged in an interactive session where they experienced events, such as someone running away from an elevator, using different sensory channels. Some observed the events visually, while others only listened to the sounds of the events, thus exploring how our perceptions shape our descriptions of the events in speech and gesture. Following this experience, Mamus shared the relevant findings of her PhD research and literature about blind individuals’ spatial cognitive skills. The workshop culminated in a dynamic discussion, facilitated by one of the blind guides from the MuZIEum, offering invaluable insights into the experiences of blind individuals.



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