Otto Hahn Medals for Lot Snijders Blok and Micha Heilbron

22 June 2023
Recipients of the Otto Hahn Medal
Each year, the Max Planck Society awards up to 30 young scientists and researchers for outstanding scientific achievements with the Otto Hahn Medal. We congratulate Lot Snijders Blok and Micha Heilbron who received the medal at the Max Planck Society’s Annual Meeting.

Lot Snijders Blok received the medal for or the discovery and characterization of multiple novel genetic syndromes involving speech and language disruptions, yielding substantial new insights into etiology of this major class of disorders. 

Otto Hahn Award

Together with the Otto Hahn Medal Micha Heilbron also received the Otto Hahn Award for the research on the role of prediction in processing human language, both spoken and written. The award provides for a long-term research residency abroad, followed by leadership of a research group.

Image: Max Planck Society President Martin Stratmann with the winners of the Otto Hahn Medal 2023. 

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