SFARI Pilot Award

13 September 2018
Dr. Beate St Pourcain, group leader at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, has been granted a SFARI Pilot Award for her project ‘Disentangling autism heterogeneity through multivariate genetic analyses’. SFARI has announced that it intends to fund 36 grants (15 Pilot Awards and 21 Research Awards) in response to the 2018 Pilot and Research Awards request for applications. These grants will support investigator-driven research projects that aim to improve our understanding of autism spectrum disorders and to gain insight that will ultimately lead to novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

Dr. St Pourcain, who leads the Population Genetics of Human Communication Group at the MPI, says: "I am absolutely excited about this SFARI Pilot Award as it will provide a unique opportunity to understand and genetically refine endophenotypes in Autism Spectrum Disorders."

SFARI intends to provide more than $20 million in funding over the next three years to 42 investigators as part of this award program.

“SFARI is pleased to be funding these investigators and supporting their labs’ efforts to better understand the neurobiology of autism,” says SFARI Director Louis Reichardt. “We look forward to seeing the outcomes of these projects and hope that the new insights can help accelerate the development of improved diagnostic tools and treatment options for individuals with autism.”

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