• Sonja Vernes
    24 April 2020

    Dr. Sonja Vernes awarded UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship to study bats

    The MPI is proud and happy to announce that Dr. Sonja Vernes has been awarded a £1.5 million UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) Future Leaders Fellowship. The award has been granted to study vocal...

  • Vocal production learning in the pale spear-nosed bat, Phyllostomus discolor
    16 April 2020

    Bats can learn to change their tune

    Humans learn to speak by mimicking speech sounds. Are there other mammals who can learn sounds by imitation? In an experimental study, researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics...

  • Reimar Lüst passed away on March 31, 2020
    07 April 2020

    Obituary Reimar Lüst

    Reimar Lüst passed away on March 31, 2020. Max Planck President Lüst established our Institute forty years ago, on January 1, 1980. It was the first time the Max Planck Society founded an Institute...

  • Largest-ever study on infants’ speech preference
    26 March 2020

    Largest-ever study on infants’ speech preference

    The largest experimental study of infant cognition ever undertaken has demonstrated that babies do indeed prefer it when you speak in a high-pitched, sing-song voice.

  • MPI, Nijmegen
    26 March 2020


    Nominations and self-nominations sought for the position of Director at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

  • The Language Archive 2020
    19 March 2020

    News about The Language Archive

    The Language Archive at the MPI received a significant update recently. The most striking difference is that it now features two separate portals, one focusing on the spoken and signed language...

  • Coronavirus
    13 March 2020

    All participant appointments canceled

    The coronavirus requires all of us to make adjustments to our normal lives, to protect ourselves and others. Therefore the Max Planck Institute has decided to cancel all appointments with participants...

  • crn
    09 March 2020

    Coronavirus and your visit to the Max Planck Institute

    The Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Psycholinguistics is actively monitoring the developments surrounding the coronavirus and is taking all precautionary measures enforced by the National Institute for...

  • Jacques Mehler
    14 February 2020

    In Memory of Jacques Mehler

    We regret to announce that Jacques Mehler, a longtime friend of our Institute, passed away on February 11th.

  • Barbara Partee
    29 January 2020

    Barbara Partee receives Benjamin Franklin Medal

    The MPI is proud and happy to announce that Barbara Partee just received the Benjamin Franklin Medal, the highest distinction of the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

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