Research Data Management

Working with data in general and working with research data at the MPI is subject to rules that every employee must follow.

These rules include:

  1. Any employee who has access to data (i.e., who receives an account) must agree to the privacy policy and sign a data confidentiality agreement.
  2. The creation of an account is subject to a defined procedure, which determines, among other things, for which period an account is valid and which rights are associated with it.
  3. The principle of minimum data access authorization is pursued. Additional rights to data or other resources must be requested.
  4. Research data is processed in specially created storage areas (workspaces). These workspaces are created in consultation with the responsible researchers and provided with appropriate access rights. The workspaces have a fixed directory structure that has been discussed with each department, e.g. for raw measurement data, or for further processed data.
  5. Data in these areas is automatically backed up according to a defined scheme.
  6. Research data must be archived as soon as possible. The respective research managers are responsible for this. The archiving of research data must be done with the MPI archiving system ( The archive is certified according to the "CoreTrustSeal" requirements for trustworthy data repositories.  (

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