Sho Akamine

I'm a Ph.D student in the Multimodal Language Department and Psychology of Language Department under the supervision of Prof. Aslı Özyürek, Prof. Antje Meyer, and Dr. Mark Dingemanse.

In my project, I study how people use speech and gesture to establish mutual understanding in a task-based communicative interaction on Zoom. In particular, I aim to understand the roles of visual cues on conceptual alignment (having similar mental representations between speakers) and behavioral alignment (repeating some aspects of speech and gestures between speakers), and how the alignment contributes to successful communication.

Previous education

I obtained a Bachelor’s degree in British and American Language and Culture at Okinawa International University, Okinawa Japan (2019). During my Bachelor's, I studied abroad at Irvine Valley College in Orange County, CA for a year where I studied experimental psychology. Afterwards, I did my MA in Linguistics at California State University, Fresno (2021), during which I specialized in general linguistics and psycholinguistics.

You can obtain more information through my cv.

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