Yaren Arabaci

I am Yaren Arabacı. I have my Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and I am a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults). Accordingly, during my undergraduate years, I conducted brief research on the deaf community and the families of deaf individuals.

Here, at the MPI, I am working as a Research Assistant in the Multimodal Language Department with Prof. Asli Özyürek and her team. Essentially, I am a sign language interpreter for PhD student Hasan Dikyuva- mainly from TID (Turkish Sign Language) to English and vice versa while I also focus on archival work and coding.

Before coming to the MPI, I actively participated in civil society initiatives in Turkey, focusing on minority rights, access to democracy, and peace. Some of the organizations I have been involved with include DEMOS, which works towards societal peace and transitional justice, and UniKuir, which advocates for the rights of queer university students. 

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