Marlijn ter Bekke

I am a PhD student within the Communication in Social Interaction group at the Donders Centre for Cognition under supervision of dr. Linda Drijvers and dr. Judith Holler. In my project entitled "Multimodal language processing in interaction" I investigate how visual signals, such as hand gestures, affect language prediction as well as other language processing mechanisms. For this, I use a combination of corpus-based and experimental methods, including EEG.

Previous education

I obtained a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences from University College Utrecht. Here, I majored in mathematics and cognitive neuroscience, with a minor in psychology and additional courses in linguistics. With this interdisciplinary background, I moved on to do the Cognitive Neuroscience master's at Radboud University Nijmegen, specializing in Language and Communication. I did my master's internship in the Multimodal Language and Cognition group, where I studied the link between how people describe events using speech and gesture, and how they remember those events.


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