Constantijn van der Burght

My name is Constantijn (Stan) van der Burght and I'm a postdoc in the Psychology of Language department where I study sentence processing and sentence production. I take a special interest in prosody (variations in intonation, loudness, and duration during speaking), so I try to find answers on questions such as: How do various prosodic cues influence sentence processing? How do listeners differ in the way they perceive prosodic cues and how do speakers differ in the way they produce them? And how do conversation partners use and interpret prosody to convey what are particularly relevant parts of their message? To find answers to these questions, I use both behavioural and neuroimaging methods.

Previously, I worked at the MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig, Germany, where I obtained my PhD under supervision of Prof. Gesa Hartwigsen and Prof. Angela Friederici.


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