Lewis (Ching Yat) Cheung

My name is Ching-Yat Cheung (張政逸) - you can either call me Lewis or Ching Yat. I'm a PhD student in the Language Evolution and Adaptation in Diverse Situations (LEADS) Research Group led by Dr. Limor Raviv. I'm co-supervised by Limor Raviv, Simon Kirby (University of Edinburgh) and Simon Fisher.

I obtained a Bachelor of Arts (General Linguistics) and a Master of Philosophy (Computational Linguistics) from the University of Hong Kong, where I also taught as a tutor for about 2 years.

My previous research projects are in the area of experimental/laboratory linguistic (mainly in phonological learning), agent-based modelling, web-based language corpus construction, languages in contact, linguistic typology, sociolinguistics, etc.

At the MPI, I hope to employ various experimental and computational methods to investigate how social factors affect language evolution.

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