Else Eising


  • Alagöz, G., Eising, E., Mekki, Y., Bignardi, G., Fontanillas, P., 23andMe Research Team, Nivard, M. G., Luciano, M., Cox, N. J., Fisher, S. E., & Gordon, R. L. (2023). The shared genetic architecture and evolution of human language and musical rhythm. bioRxiv, 10.1101/2023.11.01.564908.


    Rhythm and language-related traits are phenotypically correlated, but their genetic overlap is largely unknown. Here, we leveraged two large-scale genome-wide association studies performed to shed light on the shared genetics of rhythm (N=606,825) and dyslexia (N=1,138,870). Our results reveal an intricate shared genetic and neurobiological architecture, and lay groundwork for resolving longstanding debates about the potential co-evolution of human language and musical traits.

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