Sara Mazzini

I am a PhD student in the Communicative Brain group at the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, supervised by dr. Linda Drijvers, dr. Judith Holler and prof.dr. Peter Hagoort

I am particularly interested in neural oscillations and how these support language processing and production in real-life communication. Within my PhD studies, I am investigating the role of neural synchrony in naturalistic face-to-face communication

both within and between conversational partners using dual-EEG. 

Previous to the start of my PhD, I obtained a Bachelor in Psychology (2018) at the University of Bologna and a Research Master in Cognitive Neuroscience (2020) at Maastricht University. Moreover, I worked as a research assistant for the Brain &

Language Group at the Maastricht Brain Imaging Centre. In my previous research,

I focused on the neural oscillations supporting language production in both typical

and atypical populations, using EEG and non-invasive brain stimulation.

Besides research, I particularly enjoy getting involved in extra-curricular activities: I am a writer and editor at the MPITalkling, the institute's science blog about language, I co-organized the IMPRS Conference 2022 and I have currently taken over the role of external PhD representative of the institute.


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