Sourena Soheili-Nezhad

As a postdoctoral researcher within the Imaging Genomics Group, my research centers on statistical modeling and the integration of neuroimaging and genomic data to explore the complex interplay between genetic factors and brain microstructure. Specifically, we seek to elucidate the impact of genetic factors on white matter integrity in language-related networks of the human brain.

One of our ongoing projects focuses on the investigation of the genetic and neural basis of dyslexia. By utilizing structural and diffusion magnetic resonance imaging, we aim to identify the neural correlates of dyslexia and their modulation by genetic factors in the general population.

Our work in imaging genomics has the potential to elucidate the mechanisms of various clinical brain traits in a hypothesis-free manner and advance our understanding of polygenic conditions such as language-related disorders using large population-based cohort data.


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