Orhun Uluşahin

I am a PhD student at the Psychology of Language department. Supervised by Antje Meyer, James McQueen, and Hans Rutger Bosker, I investigate how our brains become familiarized with particular talkers and how talker familiarity affects language processing. I use behavioral methods in both perception and production experiments to track the perceptual and productive adjustments we make as we become familiarized with different talkers, in order to inform theories of perception-production interaction.

Previous Education

I obtained my BA degree in Psychology from Koç University in İstanbul, Turkey and my MSc degree in Cognitive Neuroscience (Language and Communication specialization) at Radboud University in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. My Master's thesis investigated whether long-range phonological assimilatory processes (e.g., vowel harmony) could be abstracted and generalized.


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