Rinus Verdonschot

My name is Rinus Verdonschot, I work as a staff researcher in Peter Hagoort’s group.

Currently, I am working on several projects. First of all, I am interested in how phonological encoding takes place during language production. Specifically, I am investigating whether the initially selected phonological unit is (dis)similar across languages. I have investigated this in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and recently also in Tongan. Second, I am working on information structure in languages. In particular, together with Dr. Jenneke v/d Wal (Leiden University), I am involved in a project investigating the Makhuwa language in Mozambique which has a unique way of marking focus. Lastly, I am responsible for our department’s social robot called the Furhat. Here, I make use of sentiment analysis to allow the robot respond with suitable gestures to a user’s input.

If you are interested in collaboration or you have any questions about my projects please do not hesitate to contact me.

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