Accelerating 3D medical image segmentation with high performance computing

Lenkiewicz, P., Pereira, M., Freire, M., & Fernandes, J. (2008). Accelerating 3D medical image segmentation with high performance computing. In Proceedings of the IEEE International Workshops on Image Processing Theory, Tools and Applications - IPT (pp. 1-8).
Digital processing of medical images has helped physicians and patients during past years by allowing examination and diagnosis on a very precise level. Nowadays possibly the biggest deal of support it can offer for modern healthcare is the use of high performance computing architectures to treat the huge amounts of data that can be collected by modern acquisition devices. This paper presents a parallel processing implementation of an image segmentation algorithm that operates on a computer cluster equipped with 10 processing units. Thanks to well-organized distribution of the workload we manage to significantly shorten the execution time of the developed algorithm and reach a performance gain very close to linear.
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Proceedings paper
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