The original sin of cognitive science

Levinson, S. C. (2013). The original sin of cognitive science. Talk presented at the British Academy, workshop on The Cognitive Revolution 60 years on. London. 2013-09-26 - 2013-09-27.
The properties that make our species special, namely language, technology and culture, are all ‘bio-cultural hybrids’ interweaving biology (e.g. anatomy of vocal tract and hand, cooperative instincts) and cultural diversity. But at the birth of the cognitive sciences a radical idealization was made, namely the assumption of THE human mind, a singular system shared by all humans. This idealization, useful at the time, now hampers the understanding of our species, whose success is predicated on diverse cultural adaptations. This paper will illustrate how in the language domain, different languages require different algorithms served by different neural networks, yielding differing minds and brains.
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