Sketch Acquisition Manual (SAM), Part I: The sketch corpus

Defina, R., Allen, S. E. M., Davidson, L., Hellwig, B., Kelly, B. F., & Kidd, E. (2023). Sketch Acquisition Manual (SAM), Part I: The sketch corpus. Language Documentation and Conservation Special Publication, 28, 5-38. Retrieved from
This paper presents the first part of a guide for documenting and describing child language, child-directed language and socialization patterns in diverse languages and cultures. The guide is intended for anyone interested in working across child language and language documentation,
including, for example, field linguists and language documenters, community language workers, child language researchers or graduate students. We assume some basic familiarity with language documentation principles and methods, and, based on this, provide step-by-step suggestions for
collecting, analyzing and presenting child data. This first part of the guide focuses on constructing a sketch corpus that consists of minimally five hours of annotated and archived data and which documents communicative practices of children between the ages of 2 and 4.
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