Resource and service centres as the backbone for a sustainable service infrastructure

Wittenburg, P., Bel, N., Borin, L., Budin, G., Calzolari, N., Hajicova, E., Koskenniemi, K., Lemnitzer, L., Maegaard, B., Piasecki, M., Pierrel, J.-M., Piperidis, S., Skadina, I., Tufis, D., Van Veenendaal, R., VĂ¡radi, T., & Wynne, M. (2010). Resource and service centres as the backbone for a sustainable service infrastructure. In N. Calzolari, B. Maegaard, J. Mariani, J. Odjik, K. Choukri, S. Piperidis, M. Rosner, & D. Tapias (Eds.), Proceedings of the Seventh conference on International Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC'10) (pp. 60-63). European Language Resources Association (ELRA).
Currently, research infrastructures are being designed and established in manydisciplines since they all suffer from an enormous fragmentation of theirresources and tools. In the domain of language resources and tools the CLARINinitiative has been funded since 2008 to overcome many of the integration andinteroperability hurdles. CLARIN can build on knowledge and work from manyprojects that were carried out during the last years and wants to build stableand robust services that can be used by researchers. Here service centres willplay an important role that have the potential of being persistent and thatadhere to criteria as they have been established by CLARIN. In the last year ofthe so-called preparatory phase these centres are currently developing four usecases that can demonstrate how the various pillars CLARIN has been working oncan be integrated. All four use cases fulfil the criteria of beingcross-national.
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Proceedings paper
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