How did the e-learning session go? The student inspector

Scheu, O., & Zinn, C. (2007). How did the e-learning session go? The student inspector. In Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Education (AIED 2007). Amsterdam: IOS Press.
Good teachers know their students, and exploit this knowledge to adapt or optimise their instruction. Traditional teachers know their students because they interact with them face-to-face in classroom or one-to-one tutoring sessions. In these settings, they can build student models, i.e., by exploiting the multi-faceted nature of human-human communication. In distance-learning contexts, teacher and student have to cope with the lack of such direct interaction, and this must have detrimental effects for both teacher and student. In a past study we have analysed teacher requirements for tracking student actions in computer-mediated settings. Given the results of this study, we have devised and implemented a tool that allows teachers to keep track of their learners'interaction in e-learning systems. We present the tool's functionality and user interfaces, and an evaluation of its usability.
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Proceedings paper
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