Thursday April 8, 2021

Predicting and understanding speech
Matt Davis


Mechanisms of Auditory-motor Integration in Language Learning
Ruth de Diego Balaguer


Prediction in language comprehension
Floris de Lange


Flexible redistribution in the language network
Gesa Hartwigsen


Efficient communication - not enabling complex thought – is the computational goal of the language system
Ev Fedorenko


Nature and nurture in neurocognitive development: Insights from studies with blind individuals
Marina Bedny


What will the future bring? Flexibility of prediction during language processing
Tamara Swaab


Friday April 9, 2021

Neurobiology vs. electrophysiology of language: a contradiction
Ina Bornkessel


Language in the brain must stay faithful to formal and physiological principles
Andrea E. Martin


Drawing inferences about word production in context
Vitoria Piai


A parallel processing architecture for language in the brain
Giosué Baggio


Building bridges between computation and implementation for natural language understanding
Jonathan Brennan


More thought, less ‘words’: reframing the questions in neurobiology of syntax and semantics
Ellen Lau


The future will be relevant
Roel Willems


Final remarks
Peter Hagoort


Key Issues and Ways Forward



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