MPI researchers at the InScience film festival

04 March 2024
InScience flm festival
Next week several of our researchers will feature at the InScience Film Festival at the LUX in Nijmegen. From 12 to 17 March, the festival will screen the most extraordinary science films of the past year. The theme programme this year will be dedicated to language.

Talks by MPI researchers

On the last day of the festival you can find several of our researchers giving talks and answering all your questions on language. Some events of the programme will be in Dutch, others in English.

12.15 hrs

Simon Fisher, director of the MPI: Talk at L’enfant sauvage

13.00 hrs 

Dilys Eikelboom en Jennifer Sander: Hoe leren kinderen gebarentaal?

14:00 hrs

Else Eising: Stotteruurtje

15.30 hrs

Izabela Jordanoska: Using folktales as a source for language research

15.55 hrs

Yayun Zhang: The benefits of reading for your child


Donders Institute

The festival opens on 12 March with a special 'Brainlanding'. At Nijmegen's Donders Institute, a few kilometres from the festival, a participant will watch film clips in a brain scanner. In the film room, Peter Hagoort (director of the MPI and of the Donders Institute) will analyse brain activity live.

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