Jitse Amelink

I am a PhD candidate in the Imaging Genomics group with Clyde Francks and Simon Fisher, studying the genetic and neuroimaging correlates of language and the role lateralisation plays in this.

I pursued my undergraduate training at University College Roosevelt in Middelburg, a Liberal Arts & Sciences honours college of Utrecht University. I majored in Biomedical and Cognitive Sciences, completing the programme with the distinction magna cum laude. I then continued my education with a Master’s programme in Cognitive Neuroscience at Radboud University and the Donders Institute. While my course load focused on neurobiology and genetics, my thesis focused on data analysis. I worked on multimodal imaging in Parkinson’s Disease in the Statistics in Neuroimaging group of Christian Beckmann. After that I continued this project as a research assistant, before starting here at the MPI.

The focus in my project will be to use the latest bioinformatics tools to uncover the genetic and neurobiological organisational principles, including lateralisation, that enable language function.

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