Ronny Bujok

I am a PhD student at the MPI within the Psychology of Language Department. My project titled "Audiovisual Perception of Lexical Stress" is supervised by Prof. Antje Meyer and Dr. Hans Rutger Bosker. By using behavioral and electrophysiological methods I aim to understand the mechanisms and time-course of how suprasegmental information from different modalities is perceived, processed and integrated into one percept.

Previous education

I obtained my BSc degree in psychology from the Bielefeld University in Germany. In my studies I focused on neuropsychology and took additional language courses. I then did my MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience at the Radboud University. By following the Language and Communication track I could effectively combine my interests in the brain and language. For my Master thesis I studied the electrophysiological signatures of accent adaptation.


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