Florian Hintz



Press Coverage

October 2017

Interview (in Dutch) on our research on Individual Differences in Language Processing as part of Big Question 4 within the Language in Interaction consortium

October 2016

Public outreach: Presenting our work on Bilingual Word Recognition in Noise at the Drongo Festival in Utrecht (in Dutch)

November 2015

Interview on the outcome of my doctoral thesis research on Language Prediction in Different Situational Contexts (published in VOX Onafhangelijk magazine van de Radboud Universiteit [Independent magazine at Radboud University]. 16(3). 19 November 2015 (in Dutch).


August 2012

Press coverage on our research on Developmental Dyslexia

May 2011

Press coverage on our online test, screening people with Developmental Phonagnosia, the inability to recognize people by their voice (in German): LISTEN or READ



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