Otto Hahn Medals for Joery den Hoed and Laura Giglio

12 June 2024
Joery and Laura
Each year, the Max Planck Society awards up to 30 young scientists and researchers for outstanding scientific achievements with the Otto Hahn Medal. We congratulate Joery den Hoed and Laura Giglio who received the medal at the Max Planck Society’s Annual Meeting.

Joery den Hoed was awarded the medal for ‘cutting-edge research deciphering distinct molecular mechanisms of rare DNA variants that disrupt human brain development and speech. His work on single-gene syndromes integrates clinical and behavioural findings, with thorough characterization of the impacts of genetic variants using sophisticated molecular assays and human cellular models, extending to gene-edited brain organoids and single-cell transcriptomics’.

Laura Giglio received the prize for ‘her contribution to our understanding of the neurobiological underpinnings of the uniquely human capacity to speak a language. She used fMRI to investigate in which ways the brain supports language production and comprehension differently.’ Giglio is the first researcher who studied the production of language in a spontaneous setting, unconstrained by task requirements.

Photo by Lucía de Hoyos

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