IMPRS Conference 2024

5 June 2024 - 7 June 2024
Max Planck Institute & online
Auditorium 163 Zoom
The International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) for Language Sciences will host the fourth edition of its conference series from June 5-7, 2024 in hybrid format.

The aim of the biennial IMPRS conference series on Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Language Sciences is to inspire the next generation of language scientists to take on new challenges that will further our understanding of the human language ability.

The 2024 edition will cover four main themes and feature the following keynote and invited presenters:

The dynamic nature of language:
Change through time and borders

Keynote: Dr. Margot van den Berg
Invited: Dr. Corentin Bourdeau

Language of the body:
From gestures to sign languages

Keynote: Prof Dr. Martha Alibali
Invited: Dr. Anna Puupponen

Language development

Keynote: Prof. Dr. Shanley Allen
Invited: Dr. Michelle Jennifer White 

Language production in
social interaction

Keynote: Dr. Chiara Gambi
Invited: Dr. Anita Tobar Henríquez

A unique aspect of this conference is that, alongside presentations on empirical research, we will organise an open ‘Behind The Science’ discussion in which scientists share the sources of insights and inspiration that drive their research. This way, early career scientists can discover much of the unspoken yet essential processes that lead to ground-breaking research. Moreover, several workshops will take place covering different areas of scientific practice.

We strongly encourage doctoral candidates and masters students to participate, and we look forward very much to welcoming you!

Organising Committee

Sho AkamineIrina ChupinaMichelle Czajkowski Caitlin Decuyper Christina PapoutsiMorgane PeiroloFranziska SchulzMichelle SuijkerbuijkFleur Vissers



You can find the full program here (last updated on 19 April).


Wednesday 5 June


  • Registration & Welcome Speech
  • Talks on The dynamic nature of language: Change through time and borders
  • Poster Session
  • Talks on Language production in social interaction
  • Behind The Science
  • Networking Dinner & MPI Lab Tours

Thursday 6 June

  • Talks on Language development
  • Poster Session & Workshops
  • Social Drinks

Friday 7 June

  • Talks on Language of the body: From gestures to sign languages
  • Poster Session
  • Workshops
  • Behind The Science
  • Closing Speech

*All talks will be interpreted from English to International Sign Language and vice versa.


To illustrate a variety of interdisciplinary approaches, each theme will include one keynote presentation and one invited presentation. The presenters were selected by the current members of the IMPRS for Language Sciences based on their significant contributions to their respective research fields. The presentations will reveal the ideas and processes that shape their work, highlight recent findings and hint at future endeavours.

We will also feature two short presentations per theme that will be selected from abstract submissions. A larger portion of abstract submissions will be selected as poster presentations.


23rd October

Abstract submission opens  

15th January 2024
29th January 2024

Abstract submission closes **deadline extended**

16th February

Abstract notifications sent

Registration opens (on-site registration reached full capacity and is now closed)


**Registration is free, but there is a limit for the number of on-site attendees**

15th April

Registration deadline  
Workshop Overview

Click here for the description of each workshop.

Contact Information

You may reach us via X(Twitter) or by imprsconference [at] (e-mail).

Previous Editions

Our previous editions featured the following topics and speakers:

2022 Edition

The bigger picture
of language acquisition

Keynote Prof. Dr. Jesse Snedeker
Invited talk Dr. Tilbe Göksun

The cognitive & neural dynamics
of language production

Keynote Dr. Kristof Strijkers
Invited talk Dr. Xiaochen Zheng

The multidimensionality
of language comprehension

Keynote Prof. Dr. Arthur Samuel
Invited talk Dr. Linda Drijvers

The evolution of language:
from neurons to behaviour

Keynote Dr. Reyna Gordon
Invited talk Dr. Daniela Vallentin

2020 Edition

Language Disorders

Perspectives from Developmental Disorders
Keynote Prof. Dr. Ellen Gerrits
Invited talks Dr. Babette Diepeveen & Dr. Hayo Terband

Perspectives from Acquired Disorders
Keynote Prof. Dr. Matthew Lambon-Ralph
Invited talks Dr. Vitória Piai & Dr. Anja Staiger

Memory & Learning

Perspectives from Neurocognition
Keynote Dr. Laura Batterink
Invited talks Prof. Dr. James McQueen & Dr. Lisa Henderson

Perspectives from Animal & Computational Models
Keynote Prof. Dr. Carel ten Cate
Invited talks Dr. Leonidas Doumas & Dr. Marieke Woensdregt

2018 Edition

Evolution & Genetics of Language

Keynotes Dr. Chiara Barbieri • Dr. Andrea Ravignani
• Prof. Dr. Enoch Aboh

Neurobiology of Language

Keynotes Prof. Dr. Melissa Duff • Prof. Dr. Sophie Scott • Prof. Dr. Jeffrey Binder • Dr. Jean-Remi King



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