• Caitlin Decuyper

    Research Assistant
    Psychology of Language Department
    +31 24 3521372
    Caitlin [dot] Decuyper [at] mpi [dot] nl
  • Jeroen Derks

    Experiment Support Technician
    Technical Group
    +31 24 3521595
    Jeroen [dot] Derks [at] mpi [dot] nl
  • Maurice van Deutekom

    System Administrator
    Technical Group
    +31 24 3521477
    Maurice [dot] vanDeutekom [at] mpi [dot] nl
  • Remco Diever

    Facility Manager
    +31 24 3521583
    Remco [dot] Diever [at] mpi [dot] nl
  • Marjolijn Dijkhuis

    Research Assistant
    Multimodal Language Department
    +31 24 3521962
    Marjolijn [dot] Dijkhuis [at] mpi [dot] nl
  • Berna Dikyuva

    Research Assistant
    Multimodal Language Department
    Berna [dot] Dikyuva [at] mpi [dot] nl
  • Hasan Dikyuva

    PhD Student
    Multimodal Language Department
    Hasan [dot] Dikyuva [at] mpi [dot] nl
  • Rong Ding

    PhD Student
    Language and Computation in Neural Systems
    +31 24 3521267
    Rong [dot] Ding [at] mpi [dot] nl
  • Mark Dingemanse

    Senior Investigator
    Multimodal Language and Cognition
    Mark [dot] Dingemanse [at] mpi [dot] nl
  • Reiner Dirksmeyer

    Head of Group
    Technical Group
    +31 24 3521113
    Reiner [dot] Dirksmeyer [at] mpi [dot] nl
  • Ilse van den Dobbelsteen

    Language Development Department
    +31 24 3521454
    Ilse [dot] vandenDobbelsteen [at] mpi [dot] nl
  • Caner Dogan

    Guest Researcher
    Multimodal Language Department
    Caner [dot] Dogan [at] mpi [dot] nl

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